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Wine grower for a day….. Wine grower always

Once you have tried the life of a wine grower surrounded by the vines, you will understand the profession in all its complexity and always have a part of your mind which is that of the wine grower! When in addition to that we add in the know-how of the Auberge…..

Starting from the Auberge with an insulated backpack that we supply, you can wander through the vines and immerse yourself in the day to day life of a winemaker. Standing in a magnificent landscape you’ll be told about the whole area of the Beaujolais.
Surrounded by nature, we’ll share a gourmet picnic thoughtfully prepared by the Auberge and accompanied by a Beaujolais ‘Cru’ selected with great care by Delphine.
The outing is completed by a commented tasting of Jean-Luc’s various wines.

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